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                SJ80-BIPP sandwich machine packing belt unit

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                Release date: 2021-01-22 15:20:32


                First,Extruder: The sandwich process and pay the host machine combination, Screw with exhaust structure technology, low power consumption, high yield, simple operation. The main raw material in pp polypropylene one or two back to pellets seeds, new materials, mainly in the production process of plastic particles allowed It looks high-temperature drying or chaos mix, quality production pp packaged with a direct replacement for the price of ore with a low price pp expensive filler, colleagues and improve product quality, reduce production costs to fight the magnitude that producers get a higher economic efficiency.


                Second,Die: Product Dimensions using adjustable design, easy to adjust pp with blank size.


                Third,Tank:Made of stainless steel, cooled by circulating water who apply.


                Fourth,pp with blank traction:Frequency control, convenient to adjust the width and the draw ratio.

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