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        POF environmental heat shrinkable film

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        Release date: 2021-01-22 14:35:50


        POF environmental heat shrinkable film

        Shrinkable film properties and the packaging application effect:

        1、Beautiful shape, can make the film to goods, so the shrinkable packaging is a kind of packaging;

        2、Can be packing goods of various shapes, and can put the different shapes of goods packaging in the same contraction bag, convenient to carry;

        3、Shrink packing has good shockproof, anti impact, has good protection performance;

        4、Shrinkable packaging has a good cleaning effect can be dustproof, moisture;

        5、 Shrink packing of goods not good mobility, be packing not stagger in packaging;

        6、 Good transparency, can let the customer directly observe the integrity of the goods. 

            Heat shrinkable film: the main purpose of food packaging categories: fast foods, dairy foods, beverages, small food, beer, and various kinds of wine, agricultural and sideline products, dried food, local products, labels, and product sealing; Non food packaging categories: labels and sealing, fiber and fabric, sports supplies, electrical products, pharmaceuticals, oil, detergent, stationery, toys, office supplies, kitchen appliances, daily necessities, groceries, building materials and other packaging. Our company specializing in the production of beer, beverage packaging polyethylene (PE) heat shrinkable film. Companies with advanced equipment, advanced technological process, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service, won the user's consistent high praise.


        The product name

        POF shrink film

        The proportion of product

        0.925 g/cm3

        The thickness of the product

        Single: 0.015 mm - 0.025 mm; The conventional thickness: 0.019 mm

        The width of the product


        Product use

        Electrical appliances, handicrafts packaging, food packaging, etc

        Product advantages

        Good transparency, packing strong contraction force, not loose inside products, after the product at low temperature is not easy to burst, is environmental protection product

        Product defect

        There is no

        Calculation: the proportion of length * width * thickness x = each bag price + bag fee

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