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        PP-D500 luxury automatic strapping machine

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        Release date: 2021-01-22 13:35:31


        Specifications: Power: 220V / 50Hz Power: 0.66kw

        Maximum contraction force: 60kgs Minimum packaging material: 60mm

        Maximum packing material: Any PP with paper core: 200mm

        Volume: 1510 × 565 × 490 Weight: 80kgs

        Product Description: TW-81L low-profile type packer / luxury automatic packer / PP strapping machine / luggage strapping machine / automatic strapping machine / electric packer / melt Binder: original machine, with international advanced level, fault low, low maintenance, durable, longer than the average life of a lot of similar products, is the ideal packaging tools.

        Widely used in cardboard boxes, wood, books and magazines, newspaper newspaper, light industry, food, aquatic products, frozen fruits, printing, medicine, post offices, letter, logistics, airport baggage, parcels, hardware, furniture, electrical appliances, electronics, plastics plastic , chemicals, spare parts, medical equipment, fitness equipment, clothing, toys, computers, ceramics, sanitary ware and other products packaging use.


        1, short interface, no metal button, in line with international environmental requirements;

        2, packing speed, high efficiency, each playing a PP just 1.5 seconds;

        3, fast thermal systems, 1V low voltage, safety, instant heating, 5 seconds after boot into the best package state;

        4, automatic shutdown devices, power utility no longer than 60 seconds operation, the motor will automatically shut down into standby mode.;

        5, electromagnetic clutch, fast and smooth, with shaft drive, fast speed, low noise, less wear, low failure rate;

        6, new circuit design, the use of plug-in integrated circuit board to control the whole packing operation and iron head temperature, the circuit part of the separate circuit boards to facilitate maintenance and inspection;

        7, the new electric steel design, long life, fast cooling, eliminating the disadvantage of ordinary hot head of volatile type and short circuit.

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