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        Why is the price of PP packing belt different

        Release time: 2021-04-07 15:45:49    Clicks:166

        There are three obvious reasons:

        The first is that the quality of the packing belt is not good.

        The second is that the merchant may estimate less weight, increase the weight of the box, etc.

        The third is that the production process is not scientific, so the relative production cost is also small, and the price will be relatively cheaper.


        When purchasing PP packing belt, we should not only consider the price. As the saying goes, "one cent and one cent of goods", pay attention to:

        1. Weighing weight: is the weight of each meter matched with the index declared by the manufacturer.

        2. See embossing: generally better production equipment, embossing is more uniform and deeper.

        3. Look at color: to be bright, darker for impurities more, such tape thermal ability is poor.

        4. Look at packaging: generally good quality packaging belt is packed with kraft paper, ordinary packaging belt with woven bags or cartons.

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