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        Winding film advantages and main applications in manufacturing industry

        Release time: 2021-01-04 10:29:53    Clicks:14212

        PE winding film advantages: high wear resistance, puncture resistance, anti tear, high viscosity, thin and thick, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, dustproof, waterproof 1 meter can pull 4 meters

        Manufacturing industry main use: winding film, also known as stretch winding film, heat shrinkable film. It has high tensile strength, elastic compressive strength, and excellent self-adhesive, which can ensure that the goods will not be scattered in the process of transportation. It can ensure the consistency of the packaging of the foreign shape; The wrapping film can show the thickness of the original protective layer to ensure the secondary damage to the goods caused by collision during freight transportation, and make the goods waterproof, dustproof and damage proof

        In the application can save raw materials, save human capital, save time, now the sales market is widely used in the paper industry, freight logistics, chemical plants, plastic raw materials, decorative building materials, food, laminated glass, etc., to further improve the work efficiency.

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