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        PP packing belt manufacturers teach you how to identify the quality of the packing belt

        Release time: 2020-12-28 10:28:59    Clicks:14321

        There are six specifications to distinguish the quality of PP packing belt:

        1, the packing belt should be good toughness, the PP packing belt constantly fold, toughness is not very good, very easy to fracture. Grain problem, grain must be beautiful and generous, there is no need to pressure bias.

        2, PP packing belt generally milky white (other colors to gorgeous) quality is better, because this is not easy to mix waste processing.

        3, the packing belt should have gloss, that packing belt is generally made of all materials. Stable tensile resistance. The gloss of the packing belt will be greatly affected if it is mixed with powder.

        4, the total width of the packing belt, the total width deviation is generally positive and negative 0.3 mm. In the production and manufacture of such packing belt, the opening material is uniform, and the quality will be relatively uniform, and it is not easy to appear on and off.

        5, some packing belt outside is a new upgrade material, in the middle of the filling (deviation), if cut to see the cross section can see inside the bad is poor quality.

        6. The color of the packing belt is difficult to say. The level of the waste paper baler is not the same. Full transparent packaging belt is the best packaging belt at this stage. The quality of the packing belt completely lies in the purity of poly (acrylic), poly (acrylic) the higher the purity of the packing belt, the better the tensile resistance.

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