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Packing belt daily operation and simple maintenance

Release time: 2020-05-25 17:30:19    Clicks:13358

At the present stage, PP packaging with a production line is more and more packaging machinery and equipment companies to choose, its full automation technology operation mode and high efficiency of the operation system software, suffered a lot of people's five-star praise. As everyone knows, with the accumulation of working hours and maintenance is not timely, automatic packing belt production line equipment will suffer a certain level of damage and destruction. Especially the screw and barrel of the packing belt production line are more vulnerable to damage than other parts.

But because in the design, the service life of the cylinder is generally designed to be longer than the service life of the screw, so relative to the wear of the screw, the normal wear of the cylinder is not needed to repair. Therefore, for the screw damage of automatic packing belt production line, how should we actually operate and repair?

Please pay attention to the following three points in daily operation of the packing belt production line:

1. Before the PP packing belt production line starts up. First, check whether the equipment and packing belt are interspersed correctly; Second, check whether the power supply wire is damaged, and then check whether the moving parts are lubricated, * to see whether the packing belt production line is fixed and does not move.

2. The operator of PP packing belt production line needs to be clear about the operation process. The operator of the packing belt production line should have a basic understanding of the structure, working principle, operating procedure and adjustment method of the packing belt mechanical equipment. Before operation, the power should be turned on, the machinery of the packing belt should be preheated for a few minutes, and the length of the packing belt should be adjusted. Of course, it is also necessary to listen to the noise of the packing belt production line.

3. After the operation of PP packing belt machinery, remember to cut off the power supply, and turn off the switch, to prevent leakage phenomenon, leading to electric shock.

How to repair the wear and tear of PP packing belt production line?

1. If there is wear on the top surface of the screw thread of the packing belt production line, we generally use surfacing to repair the special anti-wear and anti-corrosion alloy method. First, the surface of the outer circle (top of the thread) of the worn packing belt production line screw is ground to a uniform size. The deep cutting depth is generally 1.7mm, and the aluminum alloy layer is welded to sufficient height by electric welding to ensure the minimum sufficient feed. Then cut the outer side of the screw and the external thread side, the screw diameter generally exceeds the new screw specifications, the purpose is to compensate for the damage of the barrel, maintenance of the initial axial gap design scheme, packaging with production line partial destruction can also be applied in this way.

2. In view of the production line of the packaging belt with chrome plating and damaged coating, the metal material spraying technology has been applied to the production and maintenance of the packaging belt at present.

3. In the case of abnormal damage of the package with part of the shell of the production line, such as serious scratches near the end, the waterproof casing can be inserted. Be sure to pay attention to the nominal diameter of the waterproof casing as far as possible, and be lined with the relative metal surface treatment or wear-resistant steel pipe lining.

If you encounter such problems, you can solve them according to the above methods.

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