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        Production process and raw material classification of PP packing belt

        Release time: 2020-04-06 9:23:30    Clicks:14390

        The most common packing materials are PVC, PE, PP, PET, etc., so the plastic packing belt can be divided into PVC packing belt, PE packing belt, PP packing belt, PET packing belt, in which PP packing belt and PET packing belt is the most common packing binding raw materials.

        The ingredients are different
        Production process and material classification of packing tape

        PP (polypropylene) :

        Appearance: transparent color to not fully transparent, color and lustre fully transparent plastic film.

        Flammability: Flammable in flames. Leave the flame to slowly blow out or reignite. When the flame is lit, the upper part is pale yellow and the lower part is dark blue. There is melting and dropping condition. You can smell the bacon.

        PET: Appearance: Fully transparent.

        Flammability: flammability, leaving the flame to ignite again. The flames were pale yellow, and the exhaust pipes were emitting black smoke. Slightly bulged, sometimes cracked, butadiene flavor.

        Second, from its compressive strength, PP packing belt of compressive strength is 10-15kg/cubic mm, PET packing belt of compressive strength of 42-55kg/flat mm, about 2 times of PP belt. 95mm*0.55mm PET tape can replace 19mm* L. B 250m PP tape, the same compressive strength. We are very concerned about the compression strength and length of the packaging belt, in the same length of the situation, the compression strength of PET plastic steel belt is 2.7 times the PP packing belt, so from a point we tend to choose PET plastic steel belt.

        Third, flexibility, PET plastic steel belt is hard, than PP packing belt soft, but its elongation is one sixth of PP belt, packing belt manufacturers can maintain tension for a long time.

        Fourth: from the point of view of its application site, PET plastic steel belt can replace the steel chain binding hanging objects, packing belt manufacturers can be widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, metal material can factory and other manufacturing industries. PP packing belt suitable for binding several KG to hundreds of kilograms of paper boxes or wooden box packing light blocks, can cooperate with each other automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, manual waste paper baler application.

        Fifth, from the price level, PET plastic steel belt project investment is high, the cost is higher than PP packing belt. But PET plastic steel belt is not easy to rust, can be used repeatedly, from a long time, PET plastic steel belt cost-effective.

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