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                Industry News

                Why is the price of PP packing belt different Published:2021-4-7 Clicks:158

                There are three obvious reasons:

                The first is that the quality of the packing belt is not good.

                The second is that the merchant may estimate less weight, increase the weight of the box, etc.

                The third is that the production process is not scientific, so the relative production cost is also small, and the price will be relatively cheaper.


                When purchasing PP packing belt, we should not only consider the price. As the saying goes, "one cent and one cent of goods", pay attention to:

                1. Weighing weight: is the weight of each meter matched with the index declared by the manufacturer.

                2. See embossing: generally better production equipment, embossing is more uniform and deeper.

                3. Look at color: to be bright, darker for impurities more, such tape thermal ability is poor.

                4. Look at packaging: generally good quality packaging belt is packed with kraft paper, ordinary packaging belt with woven bags or cartons.

                PET packing belt Published:2021-3-17 Clicks:4994

                PET packing belt: also known as plastic steel packing belt, referred to as plastic steel belt. It is a kind of product which gradually replaces the iron sheet packing belt, and pet is mainly composed of polyester resin. According to the color, it can be divided into black plastic steel belt and green plastic steel belt, and according to the production process, it can also be divided into embossed plastic steel belt and smooth plastic steel belt.


                So what are the advantages of plastic steel packaging?

                1、 High strength: PET plastic steel belt has extremely strong tensile property, close to the same specification of steel strip, and has the ductility of impact resistance, and can ensure the safety of the product.

                2、 High toughness: PET packaging belt has plastic characteristics and special flexibility. During transportation, it can avoid the scattered objects caused by bumping and breaking of the packing belt, and ensure the safety of transportation.

                3、 Flexibility: PET plastic steel belt does not have sharp edge of steel strip, and will not damage the packed object. When packing and opening the package, no harm will be caused to the operator and all unsafe factors shall be avoided.

                4、 Adaptability: the melting point of PET plastic steel belt is generally between 255 ℃ and 260 ℃, which can keep invariance between - 110 ℃ and 120 ℃ for a long time, and has good dimensional stability. PET plastic steel belt can adapt to various climate changes due to its material and manufacturing process factors. It is resistant to high temperature and humidity. Unlike the steel strip is affected by moisture and rust, it pollutes the environment and loses tensile property, so the binding strength decreases.

                5、 Beautiful and rust free: steel strip will rust due to the absorption of moisture in air due to exposure to air, while PET plastic steel belt will not.

                Detailed introduction of packing belt Published:2021-3-12 Clicks:4072

                The packing belt (strapping belt) for packaging is made of polyethylene and polypropylene resin as the main raw materials, nylon and polyester as the raw materials by extrusion and unidirectional drawing. The plastic packing belt has good elasticity recovery, high strength, good water resistance, strong chemical resistance and soft quality. It can be packed by hand or by machine. Easy to use, low cost, can be made into red, white, blue, yellow, green and other colors, according to the color package of different grades of goods, easy to distinguish the grade of goods, improve delivery efficiency. In addition to being used for packing corrugated boxes, it can also pack materials and fruits. Polyester and nylon strapping have good tensile strength, while polyethylene and polypropylene strapping have low cost and good resilience. Different strapping materials can be selected according to needs.  
                1. According to the quality of PP material, it can be divided into core wrapping belt and solid wrapping belt;  
                2. According to the product quality, it can be divided into transparent grade A, transparent grade B, transparent grade A, AB grade, B grade, BC grade and C grade;  
                3. According to the machine used, it can be divided into manual packing belt and machine packing belt (also divided into automatic packing belt and semi-automatic packing belt);  
                4. From the scope of use, it can be divided into packing belt (packing belt) and handicraft packing belt;  
                5. There are also sub printing packing belt and non printing packing belt and so on.

                Operation methods and common problems of winding film Published:2021-1-11 Clicks:14019

                Operation method: now the application of winding film has been very wide, but many people to the whole process of application there are so many problems, if you can not immediately avoid, not only will harm the actual effect of packaging, but also continue to lead to winding film consumption problem. Below there is Meng Mao Xiao Yueyue for everyone to introduce in detail how to reasonable application of winding film.

                Hand PE winding film: need to start from the bottom of the beginning, a circle a little bit up, wrapped to the top of the case, must be all the top wrapped, that is OK, but to pay attention to the whole process of wrapping must be key, otherwise in the whole process of transportation is to be scattered.

                Mobile winding: automatic winding method: make the stretching and winding film winding machine in the initial state, put the goods, wear the plastic film, select the left and right turns, left and right frequency, crossing the top time, press the automatic start button, the whole process is automatic.

                Common problems: 1. In the whole process of application, wear rubber gloves as far as possible to maintain the hand, so as to prevent the rotation of the paper tube from immediately rubbing with the hand.

                2. In the case of the application of PE stretching and winding film on the parallel surface, a short stick can be inserted into the paper tube of PE stretching and winding film and rotated with the short stick.

                3. In the whole process of application, most of the applications are vertical and must be pulled. We can rotate the paper tube position on the palm of the lower hand. In the case of Rashin you can hold it inside your palm and that will reduce the likelihood of cutting your hand

                Winding film advantages and main applications in manufacturing industry Published:2021-1-4 Clicks:14196

                PE winding film advantages: high wear resistance, puncture resistance, anti tear, high viscosity, thin and thick, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, dustproof, waterproof 1 meter can pull 4 meters

                Manufacturing industry main use: winding film, also known as stretch winding film, heat shrinkable film. It has high tensile strength, elastic compressive strength, and excellent self-adhesive, which can ensure that the goods will not be scattered in the process of transportation. It can ensure the consistency of the packaging of the foreign shape; The wrapping film can show the thickness of the original protective layer to ensure the secondary damage to the goods caused by collision during freight transportation, and make the goods waterproof, dustproof and damage proof

                In the application can save raw materials, save human capital, save time, now the sales market is widely used in the paper industry, freight logistics, chemical plants, plastic raw materials, decorative building materials, food, laminated glass, etc., to further improve the work efficiency.

                PP packing belt manufacturers teach you how to identify the quality of the packing belt Published:2020-12-28 Clicks:14306

                There are six specifications to distinguish the quality of PP packing belt:

                1, the packing belt should be good toughness, the PP packing belt constantly fold, toughness is not very good, very easy to fracture. Grain problem, grain must be beautiful and generous, there is no need to pressure bias.

                2, PP packing belt generally milky white (other colors to gorgeous) quality is better, because this is not easy to mix waste processing.

                3, the packing belt should have gloss, that packing belt is generally made of all materials. Stable tensile resistance. The gloss of the packing belt will be greatly affected if it is mixed with powder.

                4, the total width of the packing belt, the total width deviation is generally positive and negative 0.3 mm. In the production and manufacture of such packing belt, the opening material is uniform, and the quality will be relatively uniform, and it is not easy to appear on and off.

                5, some packing belt outside is a new upgrade material, in the middle of the filling (deviation), if cut to see the cross section can see inside the bad is poor quality.

                6. The color of the packing belt is difficult to say. The level of the waste paper baler is not the same. Full transparent packaging belt is the best packaging belt at this stage. The quality of the packing belt completely lies in the purity of poly (acrylic), poly (acrylic) the higher the purity of the packing belt, the better the tensile resistance.

                PP packing belt production process and main parameters of tension Published:2020-12-7 Clicks:14032

                Production process of PP packing belt:

                Plastics melt -- clip -- forming -- refrigeration -- winding -- packaging -- into the warehouse.

                PP packing belt system selection of polypropylene according to heating, melting, stretching, refrigeration production of porous structure of packaging products, the main parameters of the quality of packaging belt damage is tension, length, bending degree, elongation, etc., in the tension and other main parameters of the same situation, the longer the length of the lower the cost.

                PP packing belt introduced four packing belt production line, the selection of production process, production and manufacturing of high toughness, high quality, energy saving three kilometers of new upgrade material packing belt, per meter price cost is far less than China's recycled material belt and similar import belt price.

                The packing belt system selects polypropylene according to the heating, melting, stretching, refrigeration production of porous structure of packaging products, the main parameters endangering the quality of packing belt are tensile force, length, bending degree, elongation and so on. The longer the length, the lower the cost, given the same tension and other major parameters.

                Shanghai mengmao packaging packing belt production line, the selection of production technology, production and manufacturing of high toughness, high quality, energy saving three kilometers of new upgrade material packing belt, packing with a price per meter price cost is far less than China's recycled material belt and similar import belt price, cost reduction 120%.

                Main parameters of tension

                1, 12mm wide 0.6 mm thick specifications of pure material PP packing belt with its breaking tension >1000N elongation: <20%

                2, 13.5 mm wide 0.6 mm -0.8 mm thick specifications of pure material PP packing belt with its breaking tension: 1000N-1500N elongation: <20%

                3, 15.5 mm wide 0.6 mm -0.8 mm thick specifications of pure material PP packing belt with its breaking tension: 1500N-2000N elongation: <20%

                4, 19mm wide 0.6 mm -0.8 mm thick specifications of pure material PP packing belt with its breaking tension: 2000N-3000N elongation: <20%"。


                What are the advantages of fiber packing tape over other commodities Published:2020-11-30 Clicks:5378

                Basic knowledge of fiber packing belt:

                Fiber packing tape is polyethylene terephthalate depth of key raw materials processed, it is at this stage all over the world to replace steel chain, PET plastic-steel band of a new type of environmental protection packaging materials, the success in recent years the development of new materials design and reduce the cost, has many applications in the steel construction page, waste aluminum, chemical fiber industry, paper products factory, brick and tile, ceramics, screw industry, industry, machinery, textiles, machinery manufacturing, wood processing plants, etc.

                Advantages of fiber packing belt:

                1. Reduce packaging costs;

                2. The steel chain will rust because it is exposed to the air to digest and absorb water. The rust is very permeable and easy to pollute the environment and be packaged. The fiber packing belt corrosion resistance is good, not easy to environmental pollution goods;

                3, the fiber is beautiful and generous, not rust, beneficial to environmental protection;

                4, no steel buckle fusion, no imprint, scratch problems, can reduce the packaging cost;

                6, the fiber packing belt after packaging the package of good tightness. Packing after long-distance freight, there will be bulging, folding, PET belt can also maintain a stable tension;

                7, plasticity can be good, good impact resistance characteristics, not easy to break, more can ensure the safety of your goods delivery;

                8. Strong tensile resistance is suitable for wooden pallet and super heavy goods baling/barrel.

                What plastic additives are added when PET plastic steel packing belt is made Published:2020-11-16 Clicks:3485

                With the development trend of e-commerce industry, logistics enterprises and manufacturing industry, many processing plants or freight logistics in the delivery of goods are using many packaging products, such as PP packing belt, plastic steel packing belt, inflatable bags, binding belt, bubble mat, paper boxes these goods.

                Before because there are relatively large items of goods, and more heavy, so most of the choice is steel chain packing, but a drawback of the steel chain is too sharp, very easy to cause damage to the application of staff, often see the application of staff accidentally cut the door handle.

                Fortunately, with the development trend of China's economic development and the development of science and technology, plastic steel packaging belt should be born, it is made of plastic, but the tensile and compressive strength is not lost with the steel chain, so many companies have just started to choose plastic steel packaging belt to carry out packaging goods.

                Today, Mengmao packaging and everyone talk about the production process of plastic steel packing belt must be added to some plastic additives, the key is the following categories:

                1, light stabilizer: light stabilizer can be based on shielding and digestion absorption of ultraviolet light, quenching excited kinetic energy capture oxygen free radicals and other methods to manipulate the photooxygen catalytic dissolution of high polymer reflection, and then give the product excellent light smooth practical effect, increase their use period.

                2, processing aid: processing aid key in order to improve the production and processing characteristics of plastic forming and the development and design of an improved modifier. Production and processing temperature of plastic profile is close to the dissolution temperature, poor fluidity, easy to stick to the machine equipment coking plant, so in the production and manufacturing of plastic profile must add a certain amount of processing AIDS to get rid of the shortcomings of plastic profile itself.

                3. Lubricating fluid: the key function of the lubricating fluid is to reduce the mutual friction between the polymer and the production equipment and the molecular structure of the polymer, avoid the dissolution of epoxy resin caused by excessive friction heat, and improve the high efficiency of the thermal stabilizer.

                4, heat stabilizer: plastic profile is heat sensitive plastic, so in the production of plastic profile, heat stabilizer is indispensable. The metal salt in the heat stabilizer can digest and absorb HCl dissolved by PVC, so it can slow down the dissolution rate of plastic and increase the dissolution time. The common compound lead acid salt in the production and manufacturing of plastic profiles has the advantages of thermal stability, high efficiency, high quality and low price.

                5, impact resistant modified materials: if not impact resistant modified materials in the production and manufacturing of plastic profiles, plastic profiles will be very brittle and hard, a little impact, more fragile. In the manufacture of plastic profiles, the key materials of impact resistant agent modification are as follows: chlorinated polyethylene, polyacrylate, butadiene-butyl acrylate polymer.

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